Organic Freeze Dried Foods

Organic foods are popular right now, especially amid the abundance of GMO foods. The Environmental Working Group put out a guide of the Dirty Dozen foods you should always try to buy organic as well as the Clean 15 foods that don’t need to be organic to be healthy.

Still, even with this information, many are leery of getting anything that isn’t organic. This may make it seem harder to stock your pantry.

The best option is to grow your own, but sometimes that isn’t enough. And some things are just not reasonable to grow, especially if you live in the middle of a city. Continue reading

Freeze Dried Vegetables and Fruits

Freeze dried vegetables are great to have on hand, even when you are not dealing with a disaster situation. If you’ve ever thrown together a last minute casserole and wanted to add extra nutrition, freeze dried vegetables are just the thing you need. And they are perfect for soups and stews.

You can also sneak in extra veggies when they are freeze dried. Picky eaters will hardly notice. Continue reading

Food Storage Tools: Choosing a Grain Mill

You may have noticed that experts in food storage recommend storing whole wheat and other whole grains as opposed to flour and processed grains. This is because grains last much longer when they are unprocessed. Once ground into flour, they begin to degrade and may even go rancid.

But how do you use all that grain? While whole wheat berries can be cooked and used as a hot cereal, you will probably find the most uses for wheat when it is ground into flour. To do this, you will need a grain mill. Continue reading

Making Sense of Food Storage Calculators

Have you ever used a food storage calculator? Doing an online search, you can find several food storage calculators to choose from, but most of them are based on the Mormon food calculator used to calculate one year of food storage.

Most people new to food storage find this calculator a bit overwhelming for two reasons. One, it is a huge amount of food (160 pounds of sugar?? Wow! I see children bouncing off the walls.). And two, it includes things that the average person isn’t used to using in the kitchen. I mean, what are you going to do with 600 pounds of wheat, anyhow? So how do you use the results of the food storage calculator to help you with your food storage plan? Continue reading

FEMA and Emergency Preparedness


With reports of FEMA’s failures in helping victims of Hurricane Sandy (not to mention, Hurricane Katrina) one has to wonder if it is wise to rely on any government agency for help when disaster strikes. There have been reports of FEMA offices in New York closing because of bad weather (Seriously?? Sadly, yes.) and leaving those most in need unaided and forgotten. Continue reading

How Would a UN Arms Treaty Affect You?


I have seen lots of talk and outrage over the fact that talks for an international arms treaty have been revisited only hours after the re-election of Obama as president of the United States.

I’ll admit to not being very knowledgeable about politics, but I have read with interest some of the discussion on this particular topic. Continue reading