5 Things to Consider for Your Bug Out Vehicle; 6 Types of BOVs

bug out vehicle

Is your bug out vehicle ready to go? Have you even thought about it? In a disaster situation, you may need to get out fast, either because your area is being evacuated or because you perceive the area as unsafe for your family. So having a bug out vehicle is important.

When choosing a bug out vehicle, you need to consider several things. Continue reading

The Prepper Movement – 6 Types of Preppers

medical kits


The prepper movement is getting quite a bit of attention from the confused the media who seem to think preppers, as a whole, are members of a national organization. They seem to view it as an exclusive club where membership dues are paid, secret decoder rings are handed out, and the club pledge is recited at each meeting.

Clearly, I missed the memo. And I am still waiting for my decoder ring. Continue reading

Planning Your Survival Garden


I know, it’s only December. There is snow on the ground in many places. Who is thinking about gardening? You should be!

Now is a perfect time to plan your survival garden. I get a stack of seed catalogs every year; my first one of the season arrived yesterday, in fact. I rarely order from any of them, but I enjoy looking at what’s new. Continue reading

Going Beyond National Preparedness Guidelines – What a Concept

a stocked pantry is disaster insurance


You know the guidelines. Have enough food and water for three days. Have a battery powered or hand crank radio and weather radio. Have a flashlight with extra batteries, a whistle, a first aid kit, a dust mask, sanitation items, tools for shutting off utilities, and a cell phone and solar charger.

Yup. That’s the basic kit. Most of us probably know that by heart. But how many make the effort to go beyond national preparedness guidelines and what does that mean for us? Continue reading

Are You a Suburban Prepper?

a suburban neighborhood

Often, when people think of preppers, they picture someone living in the middle of nowhere living in a bunker with a big garden and huge stockpiles of food, guns and other supplies.

They picture some crazy hermit with no social skills, ready to shoot anyone who sets foot on his land. Continue reading

8 Tips for Talking to Your Kids After a Disaster or Other Event

Children need reassurance after a disaster

There have been discussions among some parents on how to tell their kids about the horrific shooting in Connecticut where 20 children were killed. Some prefer to not say anything at all, but chances are, they have already heard about it in some way.

If you choose to discuss this event with your children, here are a few tips from Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools. Continue reading

Preparedness at Work and School

Are your children safe in their classroom?

If we learned one thing from the horrible tragedy in Connecticut, it’s that disaster can hit anyone, any time, anywhere.

We may find it easy to prep our homes by storing food and water, but do we know what to do if there is an emergency while we are away from home? Do our children know how to respond? Continue reading

8 Items for Your Wilderness Survival Kit

wilderness survival kit

If you spend time in the outdoors, you should be sure to have a wilderness survival kit and take it with you every single time you go out. There have been stories of hikers going out for the day and getting lost or hurt, ending up stranded for days before being found – not always alive.

A wilderness survival kit can mean your life. Continue reading