Prepping for the Unexpected

solar weather can impact us

I am pretty sure the people in Russia were quite surprised to be hit by a 10 ton meteor today. I think it made the flyby of a much larger, and very close meteor that much more worrisome.

The meteor that passed the Earth today was the largest object to ever pass so close to the Earth. Meteors are very heavy for their size. If you found one that looked like you could easily lift it, you would probably be surprised to find it unwilling to budge. Continue reading

How to Store Food Using Oxygen Absorbers

how to use oxygen absorbers

One of our friends on Facebook recently asked how to store food using oxygen absorbers. I answered her question, but thought I would get into more detail here.

You may buy flour and grains in bulk, or even grow your own grains. Pasta can also be bought in bulk as can other foods and spices. The problem with buying in bulk is using it before it goes bad. Continue reading

How to Start Your Seeds Indoors

heirloom seeds

I know, there is still snow on the ground. At least there is here. But it won’t be long and it will be time to get your garden going.

Some seeds to best planted directly into the garden, while others are best started early in your home and transplanted once the seedlings are established and all danger of frost has passed. Continue reading