Carry aTinder Bundle with You

fire-609439_640You have probably read and practiced how to make a tinder bundle from things you find in your environment. This means you are going to have do some scouting, which delays your fire. If it is cold, wet and dark, you don’t want to waste a lot of time trying to find the material you need to get a warm fire burning. It is always a good idea to take some things with you in your bug out bag that will help you get your fire going quickly, without wasting a lot of time and energy.

1-Pack along some lint from the dryer. It takes up very little space and is practically weightless.

2-Take your lint up a notch by stuffing it in old cardboard egg cartons and covering it with wax. You can use candle stubs or broken crayons melted down for the wax portion. Cut the individual egg holders into pieces and toss them in a sandwich bag.

3-Working on the same theory of wax and cardboard, you can cut up some pieces of cardboard, pour melted wax all over it and put them in a bag. They will burn for several minutes versus the few seconds dried grass will burn.

4-Cotton balls coated with Vaseline will also give you a nice flame for several minutes. Store the cotton balls in a sandwich bag or an old pill bottle.dry-69473_640

Don’t forget to look for dried grass, dry moss, pine needles and other material that can be used as a tinder bundle as you walk. Collect the stuff as you see it and stash it away. You never know when you are going to find yourself without anything dry to start a roaring fire.

How Will You Keep the Blues at Bay?

guitarist-407212_640We all know that survival after a major disaster is a lot more than simply finding clean water and something to fill our bellies. It is also about keeping our spirits up and finding the strength to go on at a time when everything seems so impossible. You need a distraction from the facts of your situation. You need to be able to give your mind a rest and not fret over where you are going to sleep tomorrow or what the future holds.

One advantage preppers have over the rest of the folks who are fighting to survive is that many of the most obvious duties related to survival are going to be handled. You spend time today taking care of food, water and basic necessities so it isn’t such a major ordeal when you truly need it. This will free up your time to relax and plan a brighter future.

Part of your preparing and planning should include ways to keep the blues at bay. Check out some of the following ways you can keep your spirits up while setting your mind at ease.

Spiritual Books

If you are a spiritual person, stash a few Bibles and books that offer words of encouragement. You are going to need them. Relying on your faith is one very effective way to keep your mind off of hardships while finding the strength and courage to keep fighting.belief-22190_640


Stash some song/hymn books and musical instruments. Learn how to play the guitar, flute or harmonica. Music is one of the oldest forms of entertainment. It helps to ease the stark quietness of a long night and can truly soothe the soul.


Pick up a new hobby that doesn’t require a lot of supplies or electricity. Learn how to draw, paint, sew, knit or carve wood. Staying busy while creating a masterpiece will give you satisfaction and comfort. You can then trade your crafts for other things you need.

Set aside some time to think about what your interests are and what kinds of things you can do to keep your mind off a rough situation.

Getting the Kids Gardening Today

gardening with kidsPreppers know the importance of having a garden. It is one way to supplement your food supply in today’s world and it is teaching you the valuable skill of growing your own food. After a major disaster, you are only going to be able to rely on yourself to provide your family with the food they need to survive. Gardening isn’t going to be your only job. You are going to be busy taking care of plenty of other things, which is why you need to get your kids involved in the gardening hobby today.

Kids are not going to have all the luxuries they do today. They are not going to be spending time watching television, surfing the internet or playing video games. Kids are going to be a huge part of helping the family survive. Every available hand will be appreciated when your days are spent carting water, repairing your shelter and looking for food.

Teaching kids gardening basics today, will make survival much easier in the future.container gardening ideas

Some things you can help teach them today are as follows;

Identifying weeds and vegetable plants
The art of watering plants without drowning them
Knowing when to harvest fruits and veggies
Understanding why we garden
Getting first-hand experience harvesting and eating food they helped grow
Starting them early means they will be able to take care of their own gardens at a much younger age
Participating in the gardening duties also helps teach children responsibility. They will learn early on what happens if they don’t weed or tend their plants.

It is no secret our kids spend a little too much time indoors and not enough time outside getting their hands dirty. By spending some time with the kids outside and teaching them by example, you are teaching them lifeskills that will carry them through a survival situation. These are skills they can pass along to their children as well.

Staying Cool in Survival

sun-293615_640When you think about survival, you tend to gloss right over the little things we take advantage of in today’s world. With the heat of the summer right around the corner, it is important to start thinking about how you will stay cool in a survival situation. It isn’t just about comfort. It is about your health. Working hard in the heat is a recipe for disaster and will lead to heat exhaustion or possibly heat stroke. You need to be prepared to deal with the heat without the luxury of air conditioning to retreat to when you are hot.

  • If you are hunkering down in your home, cover the windows with blankets or use some aluminum foil to cover the windows. Blocking the sun’s rays from heating up your home is a major step in keeping your house somewhat cool.
  • Try to hang out in rooms of the home that are on the northern side. These will be a few degrees cooler.
  • If you are in the open, seek shade and stay put during the heat of the day. Do any manual labor in the early hours of the morning or in the late evening.forest-218266_640
  • Increase your water intake if it is overly warm or you are walking or expending energy in the heat.
  • Invest in a small portable solar panel now. You can hook a small fan up to the solar panel to provide a bit of a breeze.
  • Learn how to make a bucket AC out of a 5-gallon bucket. You will need a solar panel and a small desk fan. These are actually very effective.
  • Soak a bandana in water and lay it across the back of your neck. This will help keep you cool.
  • Always wear a hat and cover as much skin as possible with lightweight cotton or silk garments. You don’t want the sun beating down on your skin.
  • If you have a basement, hang out down there during the heat of the day.
  • If you are in the wilderness, the earth is actually fairly cool. Dig a trench and hunker down.

Being cool isn’t just about feeling comfortable. Your core body temperature must stay at a safe range, around the 98.6 range. A couple degrees over that and you will start to experience symptoms of heat exhaustion.