Prepping for Summer Vacation Season

family-591579_640With summer weather, families everywhere are hopping in the car and heading out for a nice family vacation. Preppers are leaving behind the bulk of their supplies and enjoying everything life has to offer today. That is a good idea. There is no point in dwelling on all the what if possibilities and disaster scenarios. You need to get out there and enjoy everything we have available to us today. Before you head for the car, you do need to have a bug out bag in the car, just in case disaster strikes while you are on the road.

You can store these items in a back pack stowed in the trunk of the car or in the back of an SUV.

Emergency blanket—1 for each person
A portable camp shovel
Energy/protein bars
Waterproof matches and flint rod or magnesium stick
Orange cones for signaling and/or repairs
Cell phone charger for the car
First aid kit
Basic tools i.e. screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers
Duct tape
Canteen or bucket for carrying water
Spare tire and the equipment to change it
Extra bottle of car fluids; antifreeze, oil, brake fluidstreet-238458_640

These few items can mean the difference between surviving being stranded on the road for hours after an accident or breakdown and not making it. If a major disaster strikes while you are on the road, you need gear to get back home or to somewhere safe. Keep enough supplies in the car to hold your entire family over for at least a day. You never know when disaster will strike. Prepping isn’t just for home.

The Many Uses of Duct Tape in Survival

tape-589079_640Survivalists and preppers are always looking for ways to maximize everything around them. If you are forced to head out into the wilderness, you can only take what you can carry. You can’t afford to waste space in your bug out bag by packing items that are basically one-hit-wonders. You need tools that serve many purposes. There is no room for lazy tools that can only be used to do one thing and one thing only.

One of the tools that many preppers are rarely ever without is duct tape. Duct tape has a solid reputation as being the go-to for anything and everything that is broken. If you can’t fix it, duct it. We are going to talk about some of the ways you can use duct tape in a survival situation.

1-Use the tape to create butterfly stitches to hold a wound closed.

2-Wrap shoes with duct tape to give you waterproof protection.

3-Use duct tape to create a shelter with plastic sheeting, a tarp or even hold branches together.

kodiak-85921_6404-Repair a tent, tarp or sleeping bag by sticking on a piece of duct tape.

5-Use duct tape to fasten a knife to a long branch to create a spear for fishing or hunting.

6-Broken water bottles can be taped together so you can still hold water.

7-Use the tape to make a sling if you injure your arm or wrist. Wrap your arm with cloth or toilet paper and wrap it with duct tape.

8-Make an ankle brace or knee brace with duct tape.

9-Hem pants with a strip of duct tape around the bottom.

10-Cover your shoes and bottom half of your legs with garbage bags and duct tape them on if you are in the snow or rain.

11-Make a rope with duct tape to drag supplies or hang food off the ground.

12-Use duct tape to secure a prisoner if you have to.

13-Repair a broken knife handle, broken tent pole or broken fishing pole with tape.

These are just some of the things you can do with duct tape. When you are in survival and duct tape is on of the few tools you have, you won’t be let down. Open your mind and get creative. You are sure to find a way to use duct tape that isn’t listed here.

Are You Prepared to Hunker Down at Home?

riotingIf you were given an order by the military to stay in your home or neighborhood right this very minute, could you survive? Do you have enough supplies to keep your family alive and well for at least three days? What if the lockdown persists and you are essentially forced to be under house arrest for days or weeks. Very few people have what they need to live through such an ordeal.

You may be thinking that would never happen, but it could happen. You never know if or when our own military may enforce martial law or if we are invaded by a foreign army. While the probability is somewhat slim, it is out there. A terrorist attack or a riot that erupts in your neighborhood will drive you indoors in an attempt to find safety. Events can quickly spin out of control within a matter of hours and you could very well find yourself in this particular scenario.

The following list are some of the very basic essentials you should always have on hand just in case you are forced to shelter in place with no real warning.

*Canned food. You need to have a variety of canned foods, not just a bunch of veggies or a few cans of fruit cocktail. You need soups, fruits, veggies and canned meat if you like it.

*Freeze-dried foods are great, but you will need to store extra water to make the food into edible pantry-1

*Water is one of the most important things you will store. Some scenarios will allow you to still get water from the tap. Other scenarios will mean you don’t have water from the tap or the water available is contaminated.

*Soap for washing hands and dishes will be necessary. You can’t afford to get sick by using dirty hands.

*Personal hygiene items. Toilet paper, feminine hygiene and toothpaste are all easy to store. They will be very appreciated should you find yourself stuck in your house for days on end.

*Light sources, like a flashlight, candles or a lantern. Sitting in the dark when you know there is chaos outside is intense. You can help dispel some of the fear by having some light.

*Safety and security. It is really personal choice if you want to have a gun in the home, but it is a good idea to have some way to defend yourself and your supplies whether that be a taser, knife, gun or whatever.

*Blankets and winter gear are important to have on hand. If you are forced to hunker down in cold temperatures, there is a chance the power will be out. You need to be able to stay warm. If you have a woodstove or fireplace, make sure you have a supply of dry wood ready to burn.

*First aid kit and any necessary medicines. If you require certain medicines, it is important you keep extra on hand at all times, just in case.

These basic supplies will help you ride out any disaster scenario or even something like a severe storm that keeps you homebound. If you find yourself extremely ill or are stuck at home taking care of a family member who is ill, you can rest assured you don’t have to worry about making it to the store. You have the supplies necessary to survive for a few days or weeks without leaving your house.

Staying Cool When Bugging Out in a Heat Wave

desert-175465_640With a blistering summer expected to rock most of the country and severe drought in many areas, it is important you are prepared to deal with a survival situation in the extreme heat. Your survival is going to be made more difficult by the extreme temperatures. Oddly enough, many preppers assume it will be cold when they are forced to survive in the great outdoors. Heat waves can lead to civil unrest. People get hot, power grids are pushed to their limits and some will fail. It is a recipe for disaster. The following tips will help you if you ever find yourself forced to bug out or hunker down in a heat wave.

1-Stay out of the sun. Don’t get outside at noon and decide to walk 3 miles in the blistering heat. If you are on the move or have to walk to retrieve water or supplies, do it in the morning or late at night.

2-Cover up if you do have to be outside. Light cotton is best. Silk is also a nice lightweight material that will keep your skin covered and protected from the sun, while giving you plenty of breathing room.

3-Place a damp towel on the back of your neck and replace as needed if you feel warm or notice the signs of hyperthermia setting in.

4-Avoid doing any manual labor during the heat of the day. Relax in the shade. If you can’t find shade, try to create some with a lean-to or in the shadow of a rock wall. Caves are lifesavers and are naturally cool. cave-262258_640

5-If you have sunscreen in your bug out bag, wear it. You don’t want your skin getting burn. This will only dehydrate you and leave you in a very bad way.

6-Use a stick or a shovel and dig a hole in the ground long enough for you to recline in. The earth is much cooler than the surface by as much as 30 degrees. Don’t worry about getting dirty, just bask in the coolness of the soil.

7-If you are somewhere there is mud, rub the mud on your skin to act as sunscreen. It will also keep you cool. When the mud hardens and dries, it will slough off. Find more if needed.

We never know when we have to bug out, but being prepared to cope with extreme temperatures is one of the most important aspects of survival. Your core body temperature can only be off by 3 degrees, up or down, for 3 hours before you find yourself in real trouble. Stay cool this summer and avoid heat stroke.