What Will You Wear for the Apocalypse?

birch-569341_960_720It may seem like a silly question, but what do you plan on wearing for the apocalypse? Your clothing will be your first line of defense against the weather. Heading out in a snowstorm wearing sweats and flip flops would be a serious mistake. Your bug out bag is important, but you also need to put together the outfit that will protect you and aid you in your goal to survive whatever has come your way. There are some key components to look for when you are putting together your survival outfit.


Getting wet could kill you in a cold weather situation. You want to stay as dry as possible. Even though it may seem like a good idea to get wet in a hot weather situation, you would be very uncomfortable and your skin would chafe. Duck canvas pants are a good option. Gortex is nice, but it will tear with just the slightest brush of a branch or rubbing against a jagged rock.


Again, the duck canvas is a nice choice for pants at least. It is very durable and isn’t going to shred while you walk and climb over rough terrain. It is actually fairly comfortable as well and will get more comfy once you break in the gear.


Even in warm weather, nights can be very chilly. A jacket is going to be a nice addition. The jacket should have a wool or fleece lining to keep you warm. An outer shell made with a breathable material will keep you from sweating. Many of the hiking jackets you will find have several layers that you can remove or add as needed.


Pockets are awesome. Cargo pants are worn by the military for a reason. They can pack around a great deal of gear on their person. It is much easier to get to something in a pocket than it is in a backpack. Tactical vests, pants and jackets should definitely be included in your survival wear.

Base Layer

This is the layer of clothing that you would wear under your shirt or pants. There are a lot of choices in this area. The weather you are preparing to bug out in will play a huge role in deciding what to pack. Make sure you update your outfit with the season. Merino wool tends to be a favorite for cold weather situations. Silk is incredibly soft and adds a nice layer of protection for the skin in cold or warm weather situations.

5 Secret Places to Hide Your Prepping Stockpile

clothes-basket-349709_960_720As we head towards what will likely be a game changer in the history of the United States, people all around the world are on edge. Preparing for things to take a major shift seems like a smart move. Building up a stockpile of food, water, weapons and basic emergency supplies is becoming a priority for many as they wait and watch the state of the economy. We like to protect what we have. Sometimes, out of sight and out of mind is the best way to do that. If it doesn’t look like you have any supplies to take, you don’t have to worry too much about somebody stealing the food you saved for a rainy day.

The following tips will help you hide your food and supplies to keep it out of the hands of would-be robbers.

Plain Sight

Stash your goods in those big rubber totes and label them with things like, “winter clothes” or “Christmas decorations,” and put them in the closet, garage or shed. Thieve who are looting your home are going to be in a hurry. They will pass right over the stuff they don’t want.

Under the Bed

You can hide a lot of food and supplies under your bed. Place the goods in the center and pile some shoes or scattered clothing around the edges. When the thieves pop their heads under the bed, they will see the typical mess pushed out of sight. You could also use those totes designed to slide under the bed. Put your goods in and then add a jacket or blanket to cover the items.

Bottom Drawer

Thieves will always go for the top drawer in a dresser. Stash your goods in the bottom drawer and put a few pairs of jeans or a few shirts over the top of the supplies to hide them from a thief rummaging through the drawers.

Linen Closetslinen-542866_960_720

Linen closets filled with towels and sheets are excellent camouflage for your goods. Hide the good stuff behind stacks of towels or in between the layers. Don’t forget the very top shelf that can typically only be reached with a step stool.

Laundry Hamper

Thieves are not going to dig through your dirty laundry. Create a false bottom in the bottom half of your dirty clothes hamper and stash your goods. You will want to keep something in the hamper at all time to hide the fact it isn’t truly empty. This isn’t going to be a problem for most households.