5 Advantages to Urban Prepping

cityIt may seem like the majority of preppers live in some rural homes or way off the grid, but there are plenty of people who live in the heart of a major city or in the suburbs who are also interested in prepping. While there are certainly different challenges the urban prepper must deal with, it isn’t impossible. In fact, there are many advantages for those who live in the city.

1-Access to resources like food and water. You won’t have to travel more than a block to find a store you can scavenge. Your neighbors’ homes are also an option if they have bugged out or have been killed.

2-Much easier to find survivors who you can lean on. Working with a small group of people provides you with safety as well as pooling of knowledge and resources.

3-Living in a high-rise apartment gives you a defensible space you can manage. You won’t be vulnerable to predators on the ground floor. You will see and hear anybody coming. With only one way in, it is much easier to keep somebody out.

4-Finding shelter isn’t a problem. Abandoned houses and buildings will be in abundance and you won’t have to spend a night outdoors, dealing with the elements.emergency

5-Easy access to medicine and medical care. Doctors and other medical professionals that are left in the city when SHTF will be easier to find than if you were out in the boonies. Looting pharmacies, hospitals and the medicine cabinets of abandoned homes is much easier due to your proximity.

While living in the city or suburbs is not an ideal situation for those who want to live a self-sustainable lifestyle, it doesn’t mean you can’t prep. You can store food and water and identify places to scavenge before anybody else does. Eventually, you will need to get somewhere that will allow you to grow your own food and raise animals for food. Don’t assume you can’t prep because you live in the city. In fact, because you live in the city, you should be prepping!

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