5 Survival Lessons to Learn From Bear Grylls & Man vs. Wild


Bear Grylls Eating Something Awesome

Bear Grylls Eating Something Awesome

Have you thought about what you would do in a survival situation? Most people know about the show Man vs. Wild. We love this show!

You can survive almost anywhere
With the right training & knowledge about your surroundings, you can literally survive almost anywhere you are placed. You don’t have to be a Bear Grylls to survive extreme circumstances, but training, experience & research can still help your chances.

You can eat more things raw than most people think Continue reading

Lifesaver Home Water Systems

Have you checked out the Lifesaver water filtration systems yet? If not, you should seriously consider adding Lifesaver products do your disaster supply list. Let me tell you why…

In the even of a disaster such as a flood or hurricane, normal water sources can be contaminated very quickly. You can literally be surrounded by water and unable to drink it for fear of getting sick – or worse. Continue reading

A Safe Water Supply


Yesterday I mentioned that inland flooding is a big issue after a hurricane. Flooding is also a danger in areas that get heavy storms. Here recently, severe thunderstorms prompted a flash flood watch for the area I live in.

Plenty of Water, But…

While you may realize that flooding is dangerous and causes a great deal of property damage, what many people don’t realize is, flooding makes the water supply unsafe. Flood waters contaminate the fresh water supply of an area.  Continue reading