Food for Storage

food for storage

We all know that it is essential to store food for emergencies. Even FEMA recommends that each person have a three-day supply at a minimum, just in case disaster strikes.

While is is smart to store canned goods, pasta and other similar foods, your food for storage should also include things that can be stored more long term so you don’t have to continually rotate your storage items.

This is where freeze dried foods play an important role. When you have complete meals and individual food items that can be safely stored for 25 years or longer, you can relax and not worry that you might have expired food when there is a crisis.

What are your favorite foods? You are likely to find many of them available in freeze dried versions. You can even find gluten free foods for people with gluten sensitivities.

Food for storage isn’t just for natural disasters like hurricanes or winter storms that cause power outages. If you ever have to deal with unemployment, a common concern these days, you will be happy to have food storage to take care of you until your income is stable again. The same can be said if you have to deal with a serious injury or illness. If you are unable to get out of bed, even your children can prepare healthy meals with freeze dried foods. And you can relax knowing your family is taken care of.

I loved the post from Beauty and Bedlam where she talks about living off of her food storage while her husband went through a year of unemployment. In her post, she says, “I just want to be a bit prepared now, just “in case,” and if nothing happens, that is wonderful, since I’ll use it all anyhow.“ I think that sums things up perfectly.

Do you have a basic 72-hour kit? This video shows how easy it is to put one together.

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