Practice Survival Skills this Spring

camping foodIt is time to dust off the gear and head out into the woods, prairie or wherever you live nearby and put your survival skills to the test. Think of survival as training for a big race or marathon. Marathon running requires endurance and you must be in shape. You need to know what to do if you get a cramp and you need to be prepared to deal with bad weather, unsportsmanlike conduct and so on. Survival is basically the same thing. You have to be prepared to deal with rain, bad guys on your tail and a whole host of other scenarios that could come your way. The only way to truly practice is to get out there and do it.

Take your bug out bag with you and experiment with some of your survival gear. Learn how to use that magnesium stick or try and put together a tinder bundle with the stuff you find in the environment—even if it is all been under snow for the past several months. It isn’t like you are going to be thrust into a survival situation in perfect conditions. While it would be great if the weather was a perfect 70 degrees and there wasn’t a rain cloud in the sky, it is just too good to be true.

Get out there and camp overnight. Take the family with you. Do some hands on training and teach the kids how to collect firewood and build a fire. Show them how to properly use the restroom when living outdoors. These are all skills that will be honed the more you do it. Try your hand at some primitive fire-making methods like using a bow drill. You will likely discover it is very difficult and it will reinforce your desire to make sure you always have a way to start a fire with you.scouts

Reading books and listening to experts cannot replace the value of learning and doing with your own two hands. This is the time to start planning some weekend trips and really putting your knowledge to the test.

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