Survival Around the ‘Net: Advice for Newbies

a wealth of knowledge

The Internet offers a wealth of knowledge for anyone who wants to learn to be better prepared. I found some great blog posts this week that should prove useful for the beginner prepper. If you are new to prepping, check out some of this information.

Off Grid Survival debunks a few common myths about preppers. We’re not all crazy. Really! And while you are there, read the six prepping mistakes that can get you killed.

Clearly, these things should be avoided. Ahem…

Survival Mom offered another useful list for newbies and old hands alike in How Basic Can You Get? You should also be sure to read her thoughts on building a nutrient-dense pantry.

She even mentions Enerfood, which is part of our Survive2Thrive organic food supply. Talk about nutrient dense!

And as long as we are offering info for newbies, make sure to read our newbies page as well as our list of essentials.

Have a great weekend!

photo credit: Marcus Hansson via photopin cc

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