Find Your Bug Out Location Now

Even if you are planning to bug in during an emergency or some catastrophe, you need to be prepared to bug out. In some situations, bugging out is really the only option, even if it means you are going to be on foot. While a lot of preppers talk about bugging out and have bags ready to go, it isn’t like you can grab your bag and walk out the front door with no destination in mind.

Where will you go?

You will up your odds of survival if you have a location in mind. Even better would be to have the location in mind with some buried caches of survival food, water and other gear. This requires planning.

Just having a general idea in mind isn’t going to cut it. You need to physically inspect the area, identify potential camp sites and problem areas. Look for a water source. Is there natural cover? Will you be able to forage and hunt or is your bug out location a temporary holding spot until you can find something more permanent?

You also need to practice actually walking to the spot. This is going to help get you in shape as well as give you a feel for the terrain. Without GPS, you need to know how close you are. You will want to know as many details about the area as possible. If there is a stream or creek, you need to know the best place to cross.

As mentioned earlier, if it is possible, hiding some caches along the route and the area can go a long way to keeping you alive. If the land is public, make sure your caches are hidden well. If it is private property—don’t do it! Find somewhere else to bug out.

If you physically cannot walk the distance, then you need to start thinking about how you will get there that doesn’t require a vehicle. Think along the lines of a bike, ATV or snow mobile. Get those items and travel the path to make sure your transportation can actually get you there.

Don’t wait until an emergency to find somewhere to take refuge. Get it done now!

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Choosing Your Bug Out Location


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