Preparing for a Chemical Weapon Attack

With recent events happening, it makes sense you would want to up your prepping game a bit. Things are moving fast and it is now more important than ever to prepare to shelter in place. Chemical weapons are the thing right now. This means, you need to add a few more things to your emergency stockpile to do everything you can to protect yourself and your family from a potential attack.

There are of course no guarantees that these measures are going to be one hundred percent effective, but if you can give yourself an advantage, why not try?

*Rolls of heavy duty plastic. You will need this to cover doors, windows and vents. Make sure you have duct tape to seal the plastic to the walls. This is meant to block any outside air that may be contaminated with chemicals from coming into your home. Pick one room in the house and seal it up tight if you don’t have enough plastic to do the entire house.

*Gas masks. This is one of the more expensive supplies you will want, but they are well worth it. Check online and you can get some pretty good deals.

*Bottled water. You have to have water that is not at risk of being contaminated.

*House plants. Yes, you need houseplants to help purify the air in your sealed up home. Spider plants, aloe vera plants and snake plants are easy to grow and do a great job of filtering the air.

*An air filter can help clean the air in your sealed room, but it isn’t going to filter out any toxic chemicals or gasses.

*Toilet…if you can seal up your bathroom or a room with an attached bathroom. If that isn’t an option, have a bucket and some heavy-duty contractor bags for an emergency toilet. Don’t forget the toilet paper!

*An emergency radio. You need to be able to listen to the emergency broadcast messages that will let you know when it is all clear.

Just having these few extras on hand can help you ride out a chemical attack. The key is to shelter in place. Roll up damp towels and place them under the doors and over any cracks that could allow air into your home. Shut off all fans and ventilation systems. It doesn’t take long for the gas to dissipate, which means your plastic bubble isn’t a long term living situation.

Always be prepared!