Is Your Dog a Prepper?

german-shepherd-525804_640Many preppers have dogs. They have dogs for many different reasons. It may simply be because the kids wanted one or maybe you were looking for a companion. Homesteaders like to have dogs to help keep an eye on things and serve as an early warning system. Others like to have dogs trained as guardians of their people, willing to attack anybody who tries to harm their owners. No matter what the reason for owning a dog is, you have to ask yourself; is your dog a prepper?

No, your dog isn’t going to have a stockpile of food hidden under the porch or buried somewhere. But, is your dog ready to survive an apocalypse of some sort? If you don’t know, then you need to bring old Fido up to speed on things. Your dog needs to be prepared to help you out after a major event. A dog that isn’t prepared is going to be a hindrance and may even get you killed.

Can Your Dog Deal with Loud Noises?

If your dog is the kind that runs or hides when there is a thunderstorm or a door slams, you need to work with him. In a disaster and immediately after, it will probably be pretty loud. You don’t want your friend running off at the first loud bang. Help the dog be okay with loud booms, like gun shots, by either hiring a trainer or exposing the animal to noises and providing the reassurance that is is okay.labrador-805838_960_720

Does Your Dog Come when Called?

This is a frustrating scenario for every dog owner. They often have a mind of their own and will completely ignore commands to heel or return to where you are. Again, hire a trainer or train your dog from a young age that returning when called is important. This is to protect your dog from being injured as well as keep you from having to go out on a search and rescue mission and potentially putting yourself in harm’s way.

Does Your Dog Bark Incessantly?

A dog that barks constantly will not only drive you crazy, it will alert others to your presence. In a post-collapse world, that is probably not going to be a good thing, unless you want to be found. Train the dog to only bark when an alert needs to be sounded.

These three traits are crucial to your dog’s ability to help you after a disaster. Fortunately, these are all traits that can be trained with a little work. There are going to be a few dogs that are timid and will not do well in a chaotic situation. Do your best to help the dog overcome fears by keeping calm yourself. Your furry friends will usually take their cues from you. If you are panicking, they will feed off that energy and panic themselves. Enroll your dog in a training class or do some serious research and learn how to train your dog without a trainer.