How to Store Food Using Oxygen Absorbers

how to use oxygen absorbers

One of our friends on Facebook recently asked how to store food using oxygen absorbers. I answered her question, but thought I would get into more detail here.

You may buy flour and grains in bulk, or even grow your own grains. Pasta can also be bought in bulk as can other foods and spices. The problem with buying in bulk is using it before it goes bad. Continue reading

Making Sense of Food Storage Calculators

Have you ever used a food storage calculator? Doing an online search, you can find several food storage calculators to choose from, but most of them are based on the Mormon food calculator used to calculate one year of food storage.

Most people new to food storage find this calculator a bit overwhelming for two reasons. One, it is a huge amount of food (160 pounds of sugar?? Wow! I see children bouncing off the walls.). And two, it includes things that the average person isn’t used to using in the kitchen. I mean, what are you going to do with 600 pounds of wheat, anyhow? So how do you use the results of the food storage calculator to help you with your food storage plan? Continue reading

What Every Food Storage Plan Needs

With so many food choices, it is sometimes hard to come up with a basic list of must-haves. That list is also going to vary from family to family. Today I’m going to give you two lists. One will be a basic list of staples you should keep on hand. The other will be a list of the essential freeze-dried foods you should order for your pantry storage.

Basic Staples

There are a few basics that, as long as you have them on hand, can always be used to create a meal. Continue reading