What Should I Buy?

emergency food supplyThere are so many choices in freeze-dried foods that it can be difficult to know where to start if you are new to food storage. A good place to begin is by making a list of things your family likes to eat. Knowing what everyone enjoys, as well as what everyone hates, will go a long way toward putting together a useable list of foods.

For example, at my house I have a child who hates rice. Knowing this, I am not likely to have a large stockpile of Chicken Teriyaki with Rice. I, on the other hand, love Chicken Teriyaki, so I might keep a single can on hand so I can enjoy it for lunch by myself. Or I may just get a Pro-Pak or two and get something else the kids will enjoy for their lunch.

Throw a Party

If you’ve never eaten freeze-dried food, a smart option is to order a few pouches to try out before ordering larger quantities of each food. Consider going in with a friend or two to place an order and then have a tasting party. Take notes on your thoughts on each meal and also note what your family thinks of each one as well.

After the party, sit down together and decide which foods you just love as well as which foods are not great, but not too bad. This will give you a starting point on deciding what foods you should keep in your food storage. You’ll want more of the loved foods and not as much of the so-so foods.

You can plan a tasting session every couple of months so you have the opportunity to try everything and decide what you really want to keep on hand. Continue reading