Around the ‘Net: You Might Be a Terrorist If… You’re Prepared?

As you probably already know, September is National Preparedness Month. That is when various government agencies encourage us to become better prepared for disasters. Interestingly, by doing so you may also appear suspicious to other government agencies. Seems like you can’t win for losing…

You might remember back in May, the CDC urged us to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. Not so much because they expect zombies to take over the world, but as a publicity stunt to get people involved in preparedness. Continue reading

The American Red Cross Helps You Prepare with Free Beginners Apps

Okay, I just downloaded the American Red Cross first aid app. I think it is pretty cool for someone completely new to being prepared, though it may not be that impressive to someone who has more experience. Let me tell you more about it.


After you download the free app to your Android or iPhone, you can open it to a page with 5 tabs. The first tab is labeled Learn, and it lists 21 topics ranging from allergies/anaphylaxis to broken bones to heart attack to unconsciousness. Continue reading