Preparing for Hurricane Season

hurricane season

Experts are predicting more severe hurricanes for the East Coast over the next few years. And it won’t be long before “hurricane season” begins.

Now is the time to get ready to weather the storm. Continue reading

Prepping for the Unexpected

solar weather can impact us

I am pretty sure the people in Russia were quite surprised to be hit by a 10 ton meteor today. I think it made the flyby of a much larger, and very close meteor that much more worrisome.

The meteor that passed the Earth today was the largest object to ever pass so close to the Earth. Meteors are very heavy for their size. If you found one that looked like you could easily lift it, you would probably be surprised to find it unwilling to budge. Continue reading

Freeze Dried Food – How it Works

wise emergency food

There is some confusion about freeze dried food and dehydrated food. Both methods remove moisture, but freeze drying removes far more moisture than dehydrated food, which still has about 25% of the moisture remaining.

Dehydrated food also has a shorter shelf life than freeze dried food. Freeze dried food typically has a higher nutritional value than dehydrated food.

Freeze dried food is more versatile and once re-hydrated, is more like it was originally than dehydrated food.

Want to learn more about how freeze dried food works? Here is a handy infographic that will help you: Continue reading

Resolve to Be Ready With These Apps

resolve to be ready

Resolve to Be Ready is a new FEMA campaign aimed at encouraging people to be better prepared for disasters, minimizing the effect those disasters can have on their families, homes and businesses.

One of their suggestions is to use your smartphone to its fullest potential before and during a disaster.

Here are some apps that will help you be better prepared: Continue reading

Building Community

What does community mean to you? Often, we don’t think about community until something serious happens.

A fundraiser for a family who lost their home in a fire. Neighbors scouring the woods in search of a lost child. Or maybe church members preparing meals for a member who has had serious health issues. All of these things can define community. Continue reading

Around the ‘Net: You Might Be a Terrorist If… You’re Prepared?

As you probably already know, September is National Preparedness Month. That is when various government agencies encourage us to become better prepared for disasters. Interestingly, by doing so you may also appear suspicious to other government agencies. Seems like you can’t win for losing…

You might remember back in May, the CDC urged us to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. Not so much because they expect zombies to take over the world, but as a publicity stunt to get people involved in preparedness. Continue reading