Prepping for Everything, Hoping for Nothing

A lot of preppers will pick a disaster and go all out prepping for that one potential disaster. Some people will ask you what you are preparing to live through and you may feel obligated to come up with one answer. Here’s the deal. No one has a crystal ball. No one can predict the future. There are so many possible scenarios that could leave the world as we know it in dire shape, it is impossible to really pick just one.

While many disaster prepping scenarios have a lot of overlap, there may be things you miss if you concentrate solely on one potential apocalypse-causing event. Instead of being hyper-focused on one particular event, broaden your horizons and think of the bigger picture.

Some of the disasters that are often thought about and prepared for are as follows;

  • Massive natural disaster i.e. earthquake, tornadoes, hurricane
  • Flooding
  • Nuclear war—war in general
  • EMP
  • Economic collapse
  • Civil unrest
  • Power grid failure
  • Pandemic

Each of these disasters requires a little extra planning and some targeted supplies. For example; a pandemic prep will likely include a lot more medical supplies and protective covering for survivors. When you think about any large scale disaster, you have to assume sanitation is going to be heavy hit. That means more people are going to be sick. Without hospitals and medicines, a pandemic is likely to happen.

It would be wise to have the supplies used to live through a pandemic on hand regardless what you are preparing for. The same can be said of preparing for civil unrest. It isn’t going to be long before the power grid fails and an economic collapse ensues. When a power grid fails, it won’t be long before nuclear reactors meltdown.

Disasters are all linked in so many ways. One disaster triggers another. It is going to be a chain reaction. Your best bet is to prepare for everything and hope nothing happens. Cover all of your bases. That is the best motto for a true prepper.

Prepper Groups a Good Thing

communityPreppers tend to be a secretive bunch for good reason. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to advertise to anybody who will listen about what you have on hand in case of a major disaster. Your supplies are what will keep you alive and well if the world were to ever get crazier than it already is. Imagine what life would be like without the ability to grab groceries when you needed or buy medical supplies when someone in the family is hurt. You must guard your supplies, but on the other hand, you also need to think about what it would be like to pool resources with others.

Resources don’t necessarily mean tangible supplies. Being able to rely on others’ strengths and skills will help you be stronger and more successful. Imagine pairing up with somebody who is a carpenter and another one who is a doctor. Maybe you are a skilled gardener. With those three people working together, your chances of survival are dramatically increased.camping food

Don’t hide out in your house and avoid talking with anybody about what the world will look like should there be another world war or the power grid is taken out. While you are probably a smart individual, you can’t possibly have all the answers. You need to be open to talking with others so you can learn more. Getting different perspectives about various aspects of prepping will make you better and stronger. You will be more prepared to deal with whatever it is that comes your way.

Check out some prepper groups online. Try visiting and see what local groups there are that you can check out. You can still maintain some anonymity. You don’t have to talk about what you have or where your stash is hidden. Never stop learning. Don’t assume you are a hero that can do it all on your own.

The Prepper Movement – 6 Types of Preppers

medical kits


The prepper movement is getting quite a bit of attention from the confused the media who seem to think preppers, as a whole, are members of a national organization. They seem to view it as an exclusive club where membership dues are paid, secret decoder rings are handed out, and the club pledge is recited at each meeting.

Clearly, I missed the memo. And I am still waiting for my decoder ring. Continue reading