Sodium Content in Freeze-Dried Foods

Any health-conscious person is wise to be aware of the amount of sodium the consume each day. High sodium diets are linked to high blood pressure and other health risks. According to the USDA Dietary Guidelines, adults should get no more than 2300 mg per day of sodium, even less (1500 mg) for people over 51 or those with high blood pressure or diabetes.

Sodium and Your Stored Foods

So how does this figure in to your food storage plan? Well, some freeze-dried foods have a fairly high sodium content. many of these foods were originally designed for a very active lifestyle. Hikers, bikers and the like lose quite a bit of sodium during their activities. Sodium is necessary for our bodies to function properly, so foods that replace some of this sodium are important for very active people.

But, not everyone needs to replace sodium at the same levels. because of this, many manufacturers now produce lower sodium variations of their recipes.

Balance Is the Key

If you are concerned about sodium content in your food storage items, keep in mind that you can balance out the higher sodium foods you consume in a day with lower sodium foods. For example, many freeze-dried vegetables contain low or no sodium. There are also many breakfast items, like granola or oatmeal, that have very little sodium, if any.

Just like with a fresh food diet, the key is balance. If the only thing you ate every day was chicken, you’d quickly find that your diet is not providing what your body needs. But when you add lots of fruits and vegetables to that chicken and you will begin to achieve a more balanced diet.

Plan your food storage according to your own dietary requirements and you will find it much easier to create balanced meals. To help you plan, Lindon Foods and Backpacker’s Pantry both provide nutrition information for their products, but each brand offers lower sodium choices of their own. You can easily find sodium content on many of our product descriptions to help you decide which foods will best fit your food storage needs.

If you have a question about the sodium content of a particular product, just click the Help button on the left side of the product page. We’re happy to answer your questions!

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